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Izzy Arundell M.G. Y.A. Fantasy Adventure Fiction L.D.B. Taylor

Timeless Fantasy Adventure, blending non-stop action with dry wit & humor, heartfelt loss and ultimate redemption.

 Historical Fantasy brimming with Myth, Magic, & Mayhem.

Humor, Horror, & a Pantheon of characters combine in these Fantasy Adventures set upon our & other worlds.

L.D.B. (aka Lisa) Taylor writes for readers of all ages from Witt’s End—her perpetually dusty home in the foothills of the American West, among wild turkeys, a number of large birds, deer, coyotes, and the occasional mountain lion. Also in attendance are her five children, six, (it's complicated), semi-tame dogs, a suspicious cockatiel, a dozen chickens, and one husband.

 An award-winning author of fantasy adventure, including The Parchment Papers series, she is a lifelong reader and writer, as well as a confirmed discombobulated optimist, despite evidence to the contrary. She appreciates wit, chocolate, hot tea, British accents, cool mountain evenings, kindness, travel, and books by the score. Keep up with her latest goings-on at Facebook, Instagram, and here at 

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